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A grim read for parents

This an old but relevant link to some information I found the other night which made me shudder as a father of 3 children and I have mixed feelings of guilt and sadness as some of the foods listed were … Continue reading

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Why reaching for the biscuit barrel when feeling low is not the best course of action for type 2 diabetics

When many diabetics are first diagnosed,they may have had the condition for many months or years prior to diagnosis and during this time they would have most likely experienced long periods of elevated blood glucose levels despite being asymptomatic. Now … Continue reading

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Wholegrain Breakfast cereals and why they are not an ideal choice for Diabetics.

Many of us upon diagnosis may have been advised by a health care professional to avoid refined sugar in our daily diets and of course this is good advice and quite obvious to many,however,many including myself,were advised that Low GI … Continue reading

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