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Mark Sisson: It’s a way of eating and a lifestyle

A short video but worth a watch. Paul

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Drop the carbs and drop your trig levels !

“After years of low-carb dieting myself and of taking care of thousands of patients on low-carb diets, I can tell you one thing with pretty much certainty: Low-carb diets reduce triglyceride levels markedly. And I can tell you that low-carb … Continue reading

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Dropping the big six !

Dropping the big six ? well what does this mean in real terms and what does this have to do with Diabetes control ? The big six are the main 6 foods that are responsible for post meal high blood … Continue reading

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New data from old study reveals that reducing saturated fat in favour of vegetable oils increases risk of heart attack and can have fatal consequences

Another snippet from an interesting article on Dr John Briffa’s website “Conventional nutritional ‘wisdom’ has it that saturated fat (found in foods such meat, eggs, dairy products, coconut and palm oil) is bad for heart health, while ‘polyunsaturated’ fats (including … Continue reading

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