Links to great blogs

Franziska Spritzler, RD, CDE Check out a Dietitian who believes a low carb high fat diet can be safe and viable method for assisting in the control of diabetes.
The website of Jimmy Moore a staunch low carb advocate.
Check out Dr.Jay’s blog, one of the good guys and a low carbing diabetic.
A massive site with a huge amount of great information for living a healthy life.
David Mendosa is not a doctor but is a long term diabetic and an expert on all things related to diabetes.
Dr. Katharine Morrison is a G.P. working in the U.K. and is one of the few doctors courageous enough to speak out against the high carbohydrate dietary madness usually given to newly diagnosed diabetics. She has a type 1 diabetic son.
Check out this great site, obviously many recipes not suitable for diabetics or low carbers. Just substitute or avoid the usual high starch/sugar suspects.
The worlds healthiest foods. Great information and video’s from the highly knowledgeable and friendly George. Not all recipes are suitable for diabetics.
A huge amount of information and many great recipes and food ideas.
A great site for checking detailed information about food and nutritional values etc.
A great site for information regarding medical matters including diabetic complications, treatment and medication etc.
Bloodsugar101 an excellent site well worth a look.

The Blog author,Ewelina Derda,is a Type 1 diabetic and has compiled some wonderful low carb dessert recipes,a must see for all low carbers that have a sweet tooth.

Another interesting site with great LCHF dietary articles and advice.

Interesting articles from such authors as Dr Malcolm Kendrick,John Briffa,Zoe Harcombe et al

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