Interesting videos

Cholesterol and heart disease.

We are constantly told high cholesterol levels will lead to heart disease, is this true ?
This video lasts 1 minute 17 seconds, you may find the information very surprising ! From Dr. Malcolm Kendrick a UK GP and cholesterol and heart disease expert.

Dr Richard Bernstein on the subject of High fat,Low carb diets and Diabetes

Dr Richard Bernstein,physician,author,type 1 diabetic and believed to be the the first diabetic to self monitor his own blood glucose readings.One of the good guys.

Low carb restrictive ? A complete misconception.

Take a quick tour of Jimmy and Christine Moore’s kitchen to see the vast array of fresh,wholesome food that can be enjoyed on a daily basis on a Low carb/Paleo diet regime.

Starving cancer: Ketogenic Diet a key to recovery

Low carb living

Dr Stephen phinney MD,PHD

Cauliflower rice recipe

A short video demonstrating how to make a great low carb alternative to regular starchy rice using the very versatile cauliflower

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