Good food

 “Let your food be your medicine, and your medicine be your food” Hippocrates

Spicy  salmon with a nice crisp salad. Some say the lowcarb way is boring and lacks essential nutrients, eat the colours of the rainbow and stay healthy. This type of food, and minimal or no meds, must be the way forward for not only diabetics, but all people wanting to control their weight and stay healthy.

Salmon and salad_

Contrary to what some people will tell you, us low carbers do not base our food on very high amounts of saturated fat and protein. We start with vegetables (non starchy) then add proteins, then healthy fats, nuts, seeds and low carb fruit. Check out the food pyramid, it is the very opposite to the food pyramid that has led to the epidemics of obesity, heart disease and type two diabetes.

The low carb pyramidAs you can see lowcarb does not mean uninteresting and bland food. Only minimal skills and equipment are needed to make your own freshly cooked meals. By preparing your own meals from scratch you can avoid added sugars, excessive salt and preservatives. Make your own meals and you know what you are eating. Real healthy and nutritious food, not a factory made failed science experiment. You can often save money, lowcarbing does not have to be high cost.

Beef Bourguignon 2

Beef Bourguignon.

Summer fruits cake_
Lowcarb almond flour summer fruits cake
This lowcarb almond flour summer fruits cake recipe and other food ideas can be found here.

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