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To contact the team at The Low Carb Diabetic please send emails to the address below. Please note, we travel frequently and although we will always try and return emails within 24 hours this may not always be possible.

3 Responses to Contact us

  1. desidiabulum says:

    Hi all. I just found the new blog and wanted to congratulate you all on what you’ve done. Inevitably I don’t agree with everything that’s said, but that’s beside the point — it’s so important that there is a strong lowcarb voice out there, and you’ve made a marvellous job of this.

  2. Hi Desi !

    Thanks for the positive feedback and it’s great that you’ve found us over here,as you can see the blog is in the very early stages of development at the moment but over the coming weeks and months we hope to build it into a valuable resource for the diabetic and low carb diet community.

    Best wishes


  3. Jan says:

    Many thanks for your kind comment. We hope many ‘out there’ will find this a very useful ‘port of call’ and enjoy reading and commenting on the various articles. It would be a boring old world if we all agreed on everything and no discussion or suggestions were exchanged.

    As has been said before we welcome any constructive criticism or suggestions any may have.

    All the best Jan

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