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Why reaching for the biscuit barrel when feeling low is not the best course of action for type 2 diabetics

When many diabetics are first diagnosed,they may have had the condition for many months or years prior to diagnosis and during this time they would have most likely experienced long periods of elevated blood glucose levels despite being asymptomatic. Now … Continue reading

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The idiotic dietary advice we give to diabetes patients !

It is true that in people who do not have diabetes, eating a high-carbohydrate diet probably does little harm – although there are some who believe that a switch from fat to carbohydrate in the diet has driven the current … Continue reading

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Treating type two diabetes.

I recently found a booklet published by DUK in 2009 with the above title. Being a fair-minded person I decided to read it, rather than exercising the other options, and found it quite useful in some ways. In fact, I would recommend … Continue reading

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