Welcome to the Low Carb Diabetic. The authors of this site are mostly diabetics, none are Doctors or Healthcare Professionals, some of us are type one’s and some type two’s. All believe in the low carb lifestyle, and minimal or no medication for the good control of diabetes. Through the correct diet, and regular exercise, we have all achieved safe control, and non diabetic blood glucose numbers. This has been very easy to achieve ! Would you treat an alcoholic with more booze, or a drug addict with more heroin ? Starchy carbs, are poison to all diabetics.

So often at diagnosis, a diabetic is advised to eat normally, or base their diet on starchy carbohydrates, this is totally ludicrous. That diet was recommended to us, by our healthcare teams, and is the type of diet promoted by DUK, the largest diabetes charity in the UK. After trying the recommended diet, and trying to control our blood glucose, we started to become concerned. Through basic research, we quickly learned that high blood glucose numbers are dangerous. We decided it was time to look harder for an alternative, an alternative to the eat starchy foods with every meal advice. An alternative to chasing highly elevated blood glucose numbers, with ever increasing medication. We discovered low carb.

A low carbohydrate diet, has given us many health benefits. Safe blood glucose numbers, stable weight reduction when required, vastly improved lipids, reduced blood pressure. In short, it has totally transformed our lives and outlook. We truly believe a reduced or low carbohydrate diet will benefit all diabetics. Try the diet for seven days, watch your blood glucose levels fall, very often dramatically, and you will prove to yourself, diabetes does not have to be progressive. You have nothing to lose, and so very much to gain. The best of luck and health to you and yours.

Blog contributors.

Kath  66 years old Married with one daughter. Retired ex teacher, civil servant, PA. Type two diabetic diagnosed six years ago. Macular and retinal problems caused by over prescription of diabetes drugs and inappropriate dietary advice. Low carbing proved the only way to control my diabetes. I have managed to reduce medication to the minimum and insulin is no longer mentioned, as it was before I began lowcarbing three years ago. I love to read (when possible) mainly history but also enjoy a good detective story. When I can combine the two I am very happy. I spend a lot of time walking in the countryside and love music and the theatre.

Eddie 64 years of age married to Janet. Six children five grandchildren. Semi retired photographer. Type two diabetic, controlled by a lowcarb diet and metformin. Angioplasty and two heart stents fitted four years ago. No known diabetic complications. Hobbies include fishing, walking, music and reading history.

Janet 60 years of age married to Eddie. Six children five grandchildren. Semi retired photographer. Non diabetic but appreciates the benefits of a diet not based on sugar and refined carbohydrates. No known health issues. Hobbies include walking, reading, taking time to enjoy nature. One of my favourite places is the Lake District.

Paul 38 years of age and very happily married to Jools and together we have 3 great kiddies that keep us very busy.I am a Type 1.5 Diabetic and control my condition with a VLC/ULC diet of 30 grams of carbohydrate per day in conjunction with a low daily dose of Lantus/Glargine basal insulin.I am also a colorectal cancer survivor and have had a succesful Hartmanns procedure reversal earlier this year.

My interests are learning more and more about Diabetes related facts and low carb/ketogenic diet regimes and sharing and helping others with my anecdotal experiences.

I also enjoy outdoor activities with my young family such as nature trails,camping and pond dipping and I also enjoy stand up comedy,music from many genres and wining/dining.

Graham: 70 years of age, widower who’s life revolves around his three grandchildren and 97 year old mother. Hobbies walking, gardening, quaffing a few pints of real ale with friends at my local! I watch most sports and enjoy listening to music.

I was diagnosed as a skinny Type 2 five and a half years ago, following a LCHF diet for most of that time, medication 1 x 500mg metformin daily.

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