The Low Carb Diabetic Forum

The only dedicated low carb forum for the control of diabetes and weight loss in the UK has got off to a great start. Run by diabetics for diabetics, but all most welcome. It’s early days, but already some very well known people on the UK diabetes forum and blog scene have joined up. People from as far away as Australia and the US are also posting some great information.

Why not go over and take a look, better still join up, it’s free and we have no ties to any commercial organisations. Tell us about your success with low carb in either the control of your diabetes, weight control or other health related issues, we would love to hear from you. Why not chill out in Thommo’s bar and coffee shop.

Newly diagnosed especially welcome, let us help you on the road to improving your life and controlling your diabetes the natural way. Eat whole fresh foods, more drugs are not the answer.

The Low Carb Diabetic forum is here.

Join today and join a happy and helpful community.

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3 Responses to The Low Carb Diabetic Forum

  1. My dad passed away a few years back he had diabetes and I’m starting to have symptoms in my body to wonder if I have it or not I have lost like 45 pounds in a few months and I have numbness and other things going on but I don’t know what to eat so I would like to try this I haven’t the money or insurance to go to the doctor so I really want to try this and see if it can help me feel better thank you

  2. Is this YOUR forum, that you started??? How very cool!!! –

  3. Debra. Campbell says:

    I am always researching all i can about type 2 diabetes. TY for this site.

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