Potential diabetes ‘cure’ to end misery of insulin jabs

Great in principle but I wonder how many diabetics will be eligible considering the current economic state of affairs.

A snippet…

“The British invention will transform the lives of millions who have to endure injections of insulin every day.

Health experts say that the artificial pancreas is as good as a cure because it means patients will no longer have to manage the condition themselves.

The wristwatch-size device is surgically implanted into the abdominal cavity and releases a precise amount of insulin into the bloodstream. Supplies are topped up via a short tube which passes through the skin.

Human trials are set to start in 2016 with the first implants taking place on the NHS within 10 years. Inventor Joan ­Taylor, 64, professor of pharmacy at De Montfort University, Leicester, said: “It works like a healthy pancreas should, regulating blood sugar by releasing just enough insulin into your bloodstream. You don’t need to fill it up every day, so avoid painful daily injections.”

More from the article can be found here


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2 Responses to Potential diabetes ‘cure’ to end misery of insulin jabs

  1. Geri says:

    “How many diabetics will be eligible” ….. Diabetic politicians? After all they are the ones who get meters and more importantly, unlimited test strips on prescription! Grrrr

  2. Agree with you Geri – so many diabetics have to fight for everything – and many can not even get a test strip these days.

    But one to watch … maybe!

    All the best Jan

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