Another Dietitian gets it right !

There are coming to be more and more registered dieticians and registered nutritionists such as myself that are very, very much in line with LCHF diets, especially in reference to diabetics. Before instantly dismissing the advice of a dietician or nutritionist, at least hear them out. You will know pretty darn fast if they are on board with LCHF/Paleo-ish diets or if they are still following the low fat and high carb dogma.

It has been my experience that almost ALL T2DM’s will respond very quickly and positively to a LCHF diet (sometimes combined with metformin to increase insulin sensitivity and to prevent the liver over-producing glucose, which is common in folks with metabolic issues).

Personally, in experiences with my clients, the only folks who do not respond amazingly well to diet alone (or diet and Met) are those T2DM’s who are considered “late stage”, meaning that diabetic complications have already set in in earnest, and those diabetics who are actually both T1 and T2, which occurs when the beta cells in the pancreas become damaged. Then the patient will often exhibit signs of BOTH T1 and T2.

Unfortunately… this is often a result of “being an obedient little patient” and following the conventional high carbs diet that is prescribed to diabetics. To follow this dietary advice is a literal guarantee that a diabetic will experience the myriad of major life threatening diabetic complications (heart disease, blindness, kidney disease, neuropathy leading to amputation) as well as the minor but life affecting ones such as continual infections (especially bladder), slow healing and slow stomach emptying.

Do your own research, and once again… seek the advice of a dietician or nutritionist who has broken free from the indoctrination. Don’t expect your conventional doctor to refer you to one either. You will most often have to find her or him on your own by doing some research and pavement pounding.

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  1. Jan says:

    This article deserves to be shared. The more who read it, the better.

    All the best Jan

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