Starchy carbs too ‘Hard’ to give up ? well other things may not be so ‘Hard’ as a result of continuing to eat them.

OK guys,It’s a sensitive issue but very relevant as most men would agree and as diabetics we are times more likely to suffer in the ‘Trouser’ department than non diabetics and we are more likely to develop this problem 10-15 years earlier too as a result.

If I’m honest,back in the dark days of my mis-diagnosis when I used to run very high BG’s I had a bit of trouble in that department myself,not any more though and it’s not always doom and gloom and this problem can be reversed in a lot of cases(not all) without relying on the ‘Blue’ pill.

Below is a snippet I found on the web which demonstrates the importance of keeping a safe HbA1c if you want to keep it ‘up’.

It is part of a response to a very worried man who was struggling with this sensitive issue:

Glucose Levels

“First, what causes erectile dysfunction in diabetes? There are many causes, but the main one is nerve and blood vessel damage caused by high blood sugar. Elevated sugar levels contribute to inflammation, which can damage or kill nerves and narrow or block blood vessels, causing them to leak. Either factor can block erections.

Fortunately, we now know that lowering blood sugar allows nerves, and sometimes blood vessels, to heal and regenerate. Just as neuropathic pain in the feet often resolves as blood sugars improve, nerve function to the genitals can too.

Studies in the US, Egypt, and Italy consistently show that A1C levels are the strongest predictor of erection problems. The higher a person’s A1C, the more sexual problems he is likely to have. Your level of 7.5% is a bit high. If you could get closer to 6.5%, your sex life might improve significantly.

Talk with your doctor or educator about the best ways to do that. It will take time for the nerves to heal. Don’t expect immediate results, but over a year or so, you and your wife might be pleasantly surprised. You’ll also be protecting yourself against future complications.”

This has been my experience also,through a low carb regime I have reduced my HbA1c from 14.1% (130) down to 5.1%(31) and many issues I suffered at the hands of high BG’s have resolved and that includes the dreaded ED,I know it’s too much information but It’s an important issue that should not be ignored.

More on this here


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2 Responses to Starchy carbs too ‘Hard’ to give up ? well other things may not be so ‘Hard’ as a result of continuing to eat them.

  1. Mick says:

    Good post! high blood sugar can lead to a myriad of complications for diabetics, which low carb can alleviate and as in your case resolve.

  2. Paul says:

    Hi Mick !

    So true for so many of us and the most difficult thing to swallow for me is that if for example I had been diagnosed as Coeliac the mainstream advice from HCP’s would have been to eliminate Gluten from my diet to avoid complications and remain as asymptomatic as possible whereas with my diagnosis of diabetes which has meant I am very intolerant of starchy carbs I have been advised to include plenty of them in my diet by HCP’s despite them causing me to be symptomatic with the start of life changing complications ! utter madness ! I’m relieved that others taught me the path to diabetic salvation and a healthier way of life.



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