A grim read for parents

This an old but relevant link to some information I found the other night which made me shudder as a father of 3 children and I have mixed feelings of guilt and sadness as some of the foods listed were products I often bought and fed to my children in the past sincerely believing the claims from the manufacturers regarding being vitamin and mineral enriched thus being a good,healthy choice.

If only I knew then what I know now but that’s hindsight for you,having said that it’s never to late to make change for the better and these highly refined sugar products no longer make an appearance in my shopping trolley.

Check out the grim reading here


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1 Response to A grim read for parents

  1. Jan says:

    Thanks for finding this Paul and making it readily available to read. Yes it is a grim and sobering read. So many parents think that because it is enriched so healthily it must do us good. Alas, it appears that until you become ill perhaps with diabetes or other related problems and start doing more research yourself, the truth behind what’s in our food does not always present itself to us, until we know better of course. We then must spread the word to make others aware.

    All the best Jan

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