Why reaching for the biscuit barrel when feeling low is not the best course of action for type 2 diabetics

When many diabetics are first diagnosed,they may have had the condition for many months or years prior to diagnosis and during this time they would have most likely experienced long periods of elevated blood glucose levels despite being asymptomatic.

Now here lies the problem,imagine you’re a newly diagnosed diabetic and you discover that dropping the carbs drastically is the best way forward to bring your levels under control and then over the days and first weeks as your levels start to normalise some people may experience some symptoms of hypoglycemia or low blood sugar,feelings such as feeling faint,shaky,irritable,hungry or sweaty,now most people may feel the best way to correct this feeling is to sit down and have a sugary drink,a sandwich or maybe a couple of biscuits which then may solve the problem short term,however,in reality though if the person had tested their blood glucose when they were feeling the low symptoms they may notice that their glucose levels were actually well above true medically defined hypoglycemia levels despite feeling very low,this is known as a ‘False hypo’ and it arises from the shock to the body which has become used to working with dangerously high levels and when levels start to drop it is a short term shock to the body which complains with “Hey,where’s my sugar gone?” this feeling is normal and the only treatment normally required is to rest for a while with a cup of tea or coffee and normally you should feel fine in no time at all and as the body gets used to safe levels the feelings then subside,however for nature to take it’s course it’s really best practice to not reach for the for the fast acting carbs each time you feel low or this will just promote a vicious circle and your body will not adapt to the new and safer lower levels.


Note Any diabetic who uses insulin OR any oral medication that is capable of causing true hypoglycemia should always test when feeling low blood glucose symptoms and should correct accordingly with fast acting carbohydrate.

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