Dropping the big six !

Dropping the big six ? well what does this mean in real terms and what does this have to do with Diabetes control ?

The big six are the main 6 foods that are responsible for post meal high blood glucose levels in nearly all diabetics.

The big six consists of Potatoes or other tubers such as sweet potato,pasta,rice,fruits with a high fructose content such as apples,bananas,grapes,pineapples,peaches etc,breakfast cereals and lastly bread and pastry products.

Replace these with vitamin and iron enriched fruits,vegetables and natural sat fats sourced from meat such as Chicken with the skin on left on,fresh beef,lamb,duck and then dairy such as cream,eggs,cheese, nuts such as walnuts and macadamia nuts, fruits such as blueberry’s,raspberry’s,strawberry’s and plenty of dark green leafy vegetables such as spinach,savoy cabbage,curly Kale,watercress and brussel sprouts.

Many of us have found that making this switch has resulted in vastly improved BG numbers,cholesterol levels and ratios,reduction or sometimes elimination of prescribed medications,weight loss when required and a good HbA1c level.

Of course this goes against the current guidelines and may appear to be a ‘leap of faith’ in the early days after diagnosis but I would encourage anyone to try this and see the rewards for themselves,what is there to lose but inches off your waistline and much improved blood glucose levels?


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2 Responses to Dropping the big six !

  1. Good post Paul.,. Its really not difficult or complicated. Thanks for the reminder Kath

  2. Jan says:

    Making this switch and change in lifestyle eating has many health benefits and it can and does improve blood sugar numbers. It is a lifestyle change and not a short term ‘diet’. If you haven’t already done so it’s well worth making the switch.

    All the best Jan

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