Wholegrain Breakfast cereals and why they are not an ideal choice for Diabetics.

Many of us upon diagnosis may have been advised by a health care professional to avoid refined sugar in our daily diets and of course this is good advice and quite obvious to many,however,many including myself,were advised that Low GI cereals were a healthy choice for breakfast and Weetabix,Bran flakes and shredded wheat were suggested as a suitable choice.

Now consider that 2 Weetabix with 100mls of skimmed milk contains 30.5 grams of carbohydrate,Bran flakes contain 26 grams for a 30 gram bowl plus 125mls of milk and Shredded Wheat contains 37 grams of carbohydrate for a portion size of 2 biscuits with 250 mls of milk so an average figure for all three brands equates to around 31.5 grams per serving if you were eating a combination of all 3 brands and alternating them.

SO what’s the problem in all this you may ask ? Well when you consider that the total carbohydrate of these cereals per portion are around the same as a regular Snickers bar or a mars bar and all carbohydrates ultimately are converted into glucose in the body then you have to ask yourself ‘Why are cereals so fiercely advocated as a healthy option when from a blood glucose point of view they are no kinder on levels than a chocolate bar from the local shop ? ‘


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4 Responses to Wholegrain Breakfast cereals and why they are not an ideal choice for Diabetics.

  1. Margaret in Vermont says:

    Has anyone heard of a source for food grade grass seed? I need the fiber but can’t take the starch/carbs in all the tradional grains, including new grains like quinoa.

    • Have not heard of food grade grass seed, but have you tried flax seeds ? very low in net carbs and loads of fiber, makes great bread and a true wonder food.


      • Margaret in Vermont says:

        I do eat Flax Paks, which is organic milled flax seed. Can only eat about a tablespoon at a time, a little bit goes a long way. But flax seeds get gooey with water, and whole seeds stick in my throat and mouth. I am looking for a substitute for a grain sidedish that I can eat with butter and salt.

  2. Jan says:

    Hi Margaret
    I hope you are finding out more in your search for a source for food grade grass seed.

    Flax seeds are very good but agree with you they do need mixing with something. I find they are better ground and made into a bread, or why not try a teaspoon of ground flax (I use a coffee grinder) stirred in with some natural yoghurt with some low carb fruits such as blueberries.

    A person who I feel sure will be able to help and advise you further is our friend, dietitian Franziska Spritzler, RD, CDE. She has a blog, see details in our ‘links to great blogs’ button at top of this page. I am sure if you ask her a question, she will be able to further help and advise you.

    Look forward to hearing further about your progress….

    All the best Jan

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