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Another Dietitian gets it right !

There are coming to be more and more registered dieticians and registered nutritionists such as myself that are very, very much in line with LCHF diets, especially in reference to diabetics. Before instantly dismissing the advice of a dietician or … Continue reading

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Drop the carbs and drop your trig levels !

“After years of low-carb dieting myself and of taking care of thousands of patients on low-carb diets, I can tell you one thing with pretty much certainty: Low-carb diets reduce triglyceride levels markedly. And I can tell you that low-carb … Continue reading

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Starchy carbs too ‘Hard’ to give up ? well other things may not be so ‘Hard’ as a result of continuing to eat them.

OK guys,It’s a sensitive issue but very relevant as most men would agree and as diabetics we are 4 times more likely to suffer in the ‘Trouser’ department than non diabetics and we are more likely to develop this problem 10-15 … Continue reading

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Low-Carb Diets — Research Shows They May Be More Beneficial Than Other Dietary Patterns !

A very interesting read and many thanks indeed to the member of named badcat for finding this and bringing it to our attention. A snippet from the article… “The Duke study also showed potential of low-carb diets to optimize … Continue reading

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A grim read for parents

This an old but relevant link to some information I found the other night which made me shudder as a father of 3 children and I have mixed feelings of guilt and sadness as some of the foods listed were … Continue reading

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Shepherd’s Pie ( Well almost ! )

I’ve been following a low carb diet for around 18 months now and as a family man I like us all to eat good food together as a family rather than always eating separate meals and this is just one … Continue reading

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Low-carbohydrate diet better than low-fat for cholesterol and triglycerides

I found this article today and much of it rings true with what many of us who personally follow low carb diet regimes have seen with our lipid panels despite us being constantly told that a low carb high fat … Continue reading

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Why reaching for the biscuit barrel when feeling low is not the best course of action for type 2 diabetics

When many diabetics are first diagnosed,they may have had the condition for many months or years prior to diagnosis and during this time they would have most likely experienced long periods of elevated blood glucose levels despite being asymptomatic. Now … Continue reading

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Support for Diabetics

I am not thinking of HCP’s or medication or anything of that sort – but of people – family, friends and work or classmates. Their knowledge and attitude to our diabetes makes an enormous difference to how we cope with … Continue reading

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Don’t fear salt.

Most straight thinking people realise pretty quickly the standard dietary advice for diabetics from most healthcare professionals is wrong, very wrong. They realise the carbs have got to go big time. Next the question comes up what about the fats. … Continue reading

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